Discover the 8 Mega Projects in Rwanda in the last 10 years

Discover the 8 Mega Projects in Rwanda in the last 10 years

Dec 12,2023

Rwanda has been actively pursuing various mega projects to promote economic development, infrastructure improvement, and overall progress.

Here are some of the noteworthy mega projects in Rwanda:

1. Bugesera International Airport:

Rwanda is developing a new international airport in Bugesera, located southeast of the capital city, Kigali. This project aims to enhance Rwanda's connectivity and boost the aviation sector.

The new airport located about 40 kilometers south of Kigali is expected to be completed by late 2026, at an estimated cost of $2 billion.

Once completed, the new airport will boast a 130,000-square-meter main terminal building capable of initially accommodating 8 million passengers annually. This figure, according to Aviation Travel and Logistics (ATL), a government-owned holding company managing aviation-related activities, is expected to rise to more than 14 million in the future.

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2. Kigali Innovation City:

The Kigali Innovation City is a project designed to create a hub for technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. It is expected to attract tech companies, startups, and researchers to foster innovation and economic growth.

3. Kigali Innovation Park:

This project focuses on creating a science and technology park in Kigali to encourage research, development, and innovation in various sectors, including information technology, biotechnology, and telecommunications.

The project is expected to create over 50,000 jobs and generate some $150 million in ICT exports annually, as well as attract over $300 million in foreign direct investment.

Over 2,600 students are expected to graduate annually from its universities over 30 years, adding to Rwanda and Africa’s pool of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.

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4. Special Economic Zones (SEZs):

Rwanda has been working on establishing Special Economic Zones to attract foreign investment, promote industrialization, and boost economic development. These zones provide incentives for businesses and industries to set up operations.

The Kigali Special Economic Zone, a merger of the former Kigali Free Trade and Kigali Industrial Park has two phases, covering 385 hectares of land and the plan, according to Rwanda Development Board (RDB), is to increase its combined size to 400 hectares.

Currently, the first phase covers 159 hectares, and 226 hectares in the second phase.

With about 150 companies operating in Kigali Special Economic Zone, Sayinzoga said that both zones have key infrastructures including power, water and sanitation, ICT infrastructure like fiber optic plus wireless networks, onsite and offsite roads links to airports and main roads, as well as firefighting network and sewage network.

The Government says that The Kigali Special Economic Zone has attracted private sector investments estimated at $2.3 billion, created over 13,000 permanent jobs and generated over $1 billion of export revenues since 2018, and generated around Rwf120 billion in taxes between 2018 and 2021.

Aerial view of Kigali Special Economic Zone.Government plans to expand, by nearly 400 hectares the zone to further address some of the domestic private sector constraints. File

5. Energy Projects:

Rwanda has been investing in energy projects to increase access to electricity and promote sustainable energy sources. This includes the development of hydroelectric power plants, solar energy projects, and initiatives to increase energy efficiency.

6. Smart Cities Initiatives:

Rwanda is working on smart city initiatives to enhance urban infrastructure, improve public services, and create more sustainable and efficient cities. These initiatives involve the use of technology to improve various aspects of urban living.

7. Musanze Caves Tourism Park:

The Musanze Caves Tourism Park is a project aimed at developing the potential of the Musanze Caves in northern Rwanda as a tourist destination. The caves have historical and cultural significance and are being developed to attract visitors.

8. Housing Projects:

Rwanda has been working on housing projects to address the growing demand for affordable and sustainable housing. These projects aim to improve living standards and support urban development.

Please note that the status and details of these projects may have evolved, and new projects may have been initiated since my last update. It's advisable to check with more recent sources or the official government announcements for the latest information on mega projects in Rwanda.