10 things that girls hate about their boyfriend

10 things that girls hate about their boyfriend

Dec 17,2023

Are you a boy or a man in love but afraid that one day you will hurt your partner? Here are 10 habits women and girls hate that you should pay attention to in your relationship to avoid falling asleep.

1. Avoid telling funny stories about her in front of friends. That becomes yours when you make it a habit, and if you keep it, know that your days together are numbered on the tips of your fingers.

2. You don't want a girl to take care of herself like you do. It's good to know that how a girl wants to be seen in public is different than how you want to be seen (a solid, muscular guy who takes off his shirt so everyone can see that he's really into you). Let him take care of the girl as his heart tells him.

3. Don't argue with a girl to put on too much makeup. This makes him feel confident and good and he does everything to make you happy. Instead, at least appreciate the opportunity that he has given this book to make you proud by thanking him in heartfelt words.

4. Girls hate boys who wear clothes with monsters or scary designs (dragons, devils, etc.). If you have a girlfriend and you are thinking of visiting her or going out with her wearing a dress with these designs on it, it's best that you look at where to throw the dress.

5. Events like birthdays and going out with friends may mean nothing to you, but to girls they mean a lot. If a girl tells you that she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day, she doesn't mean it, you have to give her something. What they mean is that he doesn't want anything in particular, but you should surprise him and show him that you are always thinking about him. Go to memory.

6. For a girl, a friend is like a family, you should respect and take care of them. Even if she doesn't ask for it or remind you of it, remember to practice loving yourself. As they care for your friends, so do the same for theirs.

7. Of all the mistakes you can make, don't you dare call a girl crazy or act like she's not smart. Even if you think she's overreacted in the situation, don't ever say that word. In other words, you should grow in your vocabulary when you are talking. When they face problems, that is the time when they need you to show them that you are there for them, so if you tell them that they are crazy, instead of cheering them up, they make the problems even worse.

8. Another thing that hurts a girl even more than calling her crazy in public, is comparing her to other girls. Avoid commenting on a picture of a girl you see on the street or in a movie that you think is well-dressed or beautiful. Even if you don't see it, she immediately compares herself to the girl you just talked about and finds it hard to understand and her heart aches. SHe always wants to feel that she is the only one for you.

9. In all the mistakes you can make, never forget the holidays that have a great meaning in her life, such as his birthday or the anniversary of your marriage promise. It's a big mistake.

10. Not having a job and being too lazy to find one. Girls don't hate men who don't have a job, but what they hate is a man who doesn't have the heart to look for a job. They want you to always show them that you work every day to make tomorrow better. So if you don't have a heart for a job, no girl will love you.